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Treatment costs at Beaumont Physiotherapy are:

  • All follow-up treatments are €50.
  • Lymphoedema treatment €60/session.
  • Home visits available in Beaumont and the surrounding areas €80 (40-60 minutes).

You can easily reduced the cost of physiotherapy

1. Physiotherapy charges qualify for tax relief.

Whether you are a self-employed or PAYE individual you may be able to claim tax rebate on your physiotherapy costs at the standard rate of tax. As an example, if you spend €50.00 on physiotherapy and you receive €40 from your health insurance company, then the remainder €10 is subject to tax relief. If you’re in the 42% bracket you can receive a further €4.20 in tax relief.
For more information visit: www.revenue.ie/forms/med1.pdf

2. Are you a member of a health insurer?

Physiotherapy sessions are covered by all major health insurers. Some include:
Hibernian Health (Vivas)
Quinn Medical (Bupa)

However, we do advise you to check your policy in case of additional terms and conditions.
Reimbursement rates may vary depending on your policy coverage.


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